This is the information page for the KBLauncher beta, to be launched in the future as version 2.0. It is currently available for free download on BlackBerry App World in the Test Center. Please leave positive feedback if you like KBLauncher. You can submit bug reports through the App World support button.

You can view general KBLauncher information at the regular KBLauncher information page.

Please note that the beta program has ended. KBLauncher will be officially released soon. Thank you for your participation in the beta.

What's New

KBLauncher now provides 2 more ways to start:

The best way to start KBLauncher is still to assign it to one of your convenience keys. In particular, the Screenshot command won't work well any other way.

New commands:

The media commands (Music, Pictures etc) require OS version 5 and newer. Some commands need elevated permissions.

Known Issues

The following are known issues reported against the beta. They will be fixed in the official 2.0 release.