Doc Reader for Java

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Doc Reader for Java allows PC users to view documents of unlimited length in Doc format. This is the compressed text format used by programs such as AportisDoc and TealDoc for viewing large documents on a Palm, Visor or other PalmOS computers. With Doc Reader, users can view the same documents on their desktop computers as on their PalmPilots. This program is freeware.

This program should run fine on any computer with the Java runtime version 1.1 and above. It was last tested with JDK 1.3.1 under Linux. You can download Doc Reader for Java version 1.21 here. New to this version: updated to work with Java 2, and ability to specify the font name and size from the command line. If you are upgrading from a previous version, you may need to delete the old bookmarks files.


Getting documents

There are a number of places that offer e-texts in Doc format. Memoware is a good place to start. The E-Text WebRing will have a list of sites offering PalmPilot Doc files. I also maintain a collection of E-Texts for Catholics. It is easy to create Doc files from text files using some variation of Makedoc or other utilities listed here.

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Christopher Wong
Last modified: 10/23/04