KBLauncher is a quick app launcher and collection of utilities, a command line for your BlackBerry.

KBLauncher is a faster, more convenient way to use your BlackBerry, powered by your keyboard. Instead of scrolling through endless icons to start an app, just start typing its name. No need to remember cryptic shortcuts or spend time configuring: KBLauncher automatically detects your apps and offers them by name. It also comes with a collection of useful utilities and convenience commands not available from your home screen. Configure one of your convenience keys to start KBLauncher, and unleash the power of your keyboard.

New in version 2.0.0:


How it works

Start typing the first few letters of your command. Hold down the shift key to match the beginning of each word (Shift-BAW matches BlackBerry App World). If there are multiple matches, the next 6 matches will show below the main match. If the one you want is the main match, you can launch it right away by hitting Enter or pressing the trackball. You can also select from the dropdown using the trackball.

If you don't want to scroll, you can continue typing. KBLauncher will narrow your matches as you type. When the command you want is selected, hit Enter.

KBLauncher learns from your behavior. The next time you run KBLauncher, your most recently used commands will get priority (in this case, MemoPad is now at the top):

In many cases, KBLauncher will let you launch your desired app by typing the first letter followed by Enter. It's that fast.



Click one of the following links from your BlackBerry browser to install OTA (over-the-air) a time-limited free trial:

Install free trial (OS 4.5) | Install free trial (OS 5)


KBLauncher sells for $1.99.

Get it at BlackBerry App World!

Questions and answers

Why does KBLauncher request additional permissions when I first start it?

KBLauncher needs additional permissions for some of its features. The phone might ask if you want to grant those permissions when you install KBLauncher. You can refuse to grant those extra permissions: KBLauncher will simply use a black background instead, and some commands won't appear. You can get KBLauncher to request those permissions again by going to the Options screen and clicking the Request permissions button.

Why don't I see some of my apps?

Due to RIM security restrictions, third party apps have limited ability to launch RIM-authored apps. Problem apps include the various IM apps. KBLauncher needs to make decisions about what it can launch. Your available apps will vary depending on your phone's OS version.

On the other hand, if your app is already running KBLauncher will let you search and switch to it. While KBLauncher cannot launch an IM app like Yahoo Messenger, those apps need to be running anyway to be useful. If you have such an app configured to automatically sign on, it will already be running and you can switch to it with KBLauncher.

Why does BlackBerry App World open to a random app?

Again due to RIM security restrictions, KBLauncher cannot open App World in the usual way. Instead, it uses a method that opens one of my apps. You can jump to the Featured View list using the menu from there.