TimeForTea is a tea timer designed to allow quick access to preset times. You can also use it as a kitchen timer or general purpose countdown timer. Launching a preset countdown is very fast: just press the digit corresponding to the preset you want. TimeForTea is fully integrated into the BlackBerry notifications system. You can configure the countdown alert style -- tone, LED or vibration -- using the standard phone profiles editor.

Once you launch a preset, you will see a simple countdown screen like the one below. Once it reaches zero, TimeForTea will activate the alert. To customize your alert, go to Profiles > Advanced..., edit the active profile (Edit from the menu) and select the TimeForTea entry to edit.



A free trial is available: it does not save your configuration nor presets, but is otherwise fully functional. Click on the following link from your BlackBerry browser to install OTA (over-the-air):

Install free trial


TimeForTea costs $0.99.

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