MemStats provides extensive memory statistics for BlackBerry devices. It also provies a process viewer that lists running applications and optionally switch to one of them. MemStats will display statistics on the following categories. You can display memory in unites of bytes, K bytes (1024 bytes) and M bytes (1024 K bytes).

MemStats lets you see memory information that the standard BlackBerry status screen does not show. For example, do you know that if you run out of object handles it is like running out of memory even if you have lots of flash free? Check available object handles with this program.

For full QWERTY keyboard devices, you can quickly access menu options with a single letter. For example, press R to see RAM statistics, press L to see the process list, or press U repeatedly to cycle between displaying memory in bytes, K bytes (1024) and M bytes (1024*1024). All these options are also accessible from the menu.

Memory statistics are for the overall device only. Unfortunately, BlackBerry does not provide a way to view a specific application's running memory usage.


MemStats costs just $0.99.